Say What Now? Man Claims He's Not Racist, Despite Having a Confederate Flag and Noose Hanging From His Truck [Video]

An Indiana man was recorded over the weekend boasting about having two symbols of hate — the Confederate flag and a noose — displayed on the back of his truck.

via TMZ:

The man was in Bedford, Indiana when he recorded himself next to his pickup truck with the flag adhered to the back. Draped over the flag — a noose.

He and one of his cohorts joked that it was just a leash for his dog, which itself is thinly-veiled dog-whistling. The men joked they couldn’t understand why someone would leave a note on their car in disapproval.

These racist episodes are all the more troubling because the people who are spewing hate are the ones recording themselves doing it and then posting it on social media.

Watch the video below.

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