Say What Now? Man Charged with Fatally Stabbing 7-Year-Old Girl After She Drew a Picture of Him [Video]

The young girl lost her father to suicide last summer.

A 7-year-old girl was fatally stabbed in bed by her mother’s friend hours after she drew a picture of him to cheer him up as he was going through a “personal crisis,” according to reports.

Bella Rose Desrosiers died on Monday night after being tucked into bed by her mother, Melissa, who says her daughter was then allegedly attacked by David Michael Moss, who has been charged with 2nd-degree murder by police, per CBC.

Melissa said David was distraught and convinced him to stay at her house while he sought help, during which time Bella Rose’s artistic skills “made him smile,” per the outlet.

The mother-of-two said she was planning on taking the 34-year-old tattoo artist to a hospital after she put her daughters to sleep.

However, later that night, while Melissa was saying goodnight to Bella Rose and Lily, 4, Moss is said to have came into the room with scissors.

Melissa said Moss began attacking Bella Rose with the scissors as she watched in horror, as there was “nothing” she could do to “stop him.”

“It was reported that Moss stabbed the child in front of her mother. The mother tried to intervene and attempted CPR until paramedics arrived on scene,” police said in a statement on Wednesday.

Bella Rose was pronounced dead on the scene and Moss was taken into custody.

Adding to the grief, Melissa said her husband and Bella Rose’s father, Ben, had taken his own life last July. The couple had been married for nine years.

“What I ask you to focus on, is the beautiful little girl my Bella Rose was and still is,” Melissa said in a statement. “Like her father, she had a huge kind heart that truly enjoyed life.”

The family’s neighbor, Gord Brenner, called the situation “heartbreaking.”

“Hopefully everything gets sorted out and Melissa and her youngest daughter can find some sense of normalcy in their life,” Brenner told CBC.

“With how many things that have gone on for them in the past year, I don’t know how that ever happens.”

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