Say What Now? Jay-Z and NFL to Give Money to Group Who Professes 'All Lives Matter' and Cuts Black Youth's Dreadlocks 'for a Better Life' [Photos]

Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and the NFL donated $400,000 to two Chicago charities as part of it’s Inspire Change initiative — the Better Boys Foundation Family Services and The Crusher’s Club.

The latter, The Crusher’s Club, has a past of supporting Trump, declaring ‘All Lives Matter’ and cutting the locs off of Black youth as  “symbolic of change and their desire for a better life!”


Both Sally (the woman in the above photos) and one of the young men picture claim everyone has it wrong and she was only cutting his hair at HIS request.

See what she had to say below.

Even still — we’re SURE there are better, more deserving, organizations that could’ve benefitted from this donation.

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