Say What Now? Ireland Baldwin Forced to Sling Elephant Dung as Punishment, Kim Basinger Reveals [Video]

The Oscar winner also dished on what would make her pose naked again.

Sometimes parents have to resort to unusual, and often hilarious, methods to have their kids fall in line, as Kim Basinger recently revealed.

During her guest appearance on “Hiking with Kevin,” the Oscar winner joined comedian Kevin Nealon on a trek through the gorgeous PAWS sanctuary in San Andreas, California, where Kim has been very involved with the animal rescue shelter over the years.

She is so involved that the co-founder, Ed Stewart, has become a close family friend and was instrumental in rearing her daughter, Ireland Baldwin, especially when the model was younger and wouldn’t hit the hay during sleepovers at the sanctuary with family and friends.

“Ed, actually, is the only person that really could discipline Ireland,” Kim began. “Because she used to bring a couple of friends up here and we would spend the night up here and I would say, ‘You know girls, you have to get to bed because Ed is gonna come and get you at 3:30 in the morning.'”

Kim explained that the girls didn’t have any concept of time at that age and, as kids do during sleepovers, would stay up too late watching movies. According to the “Batman” actress, when Ed discovered they didn’t heed Kim’s directions to go to sleep, he would have quite a surprise for them.

“And here came this knock, to say get on your boots, and he would take them out to — pick up elephant dung,” she said with a laugh.

“She sort of grew up around here,” Kim added.

It was all in good fun, as Kim noted how the family would also enjoy “cold watermelon” and play in the creek when they visited.

Ireland, now 24, even has a pond named after her on the sanctuary.

Kim, who shares Ireland with ex Alec Baldwin, went on to say how her daughter is the “best thing” she ever accomplished.

“She’s my best. I love her. She’s a good girl,” Kim gushed as she continued to sing Ireland’s praises. “I think Ireland is one of the most compassionate girls I’ve ever met.”

And she revealed to Kevin her one bit of advice she gave Ireland growing up.

“Just speak from your heart — and stand up for yourself.”

Mothers do know best.

Watch the full video above to hear Kim wax on about her trip to the tattoo parlor with Ireland and what would make her pose in the buff.

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