Say What Now? 'Good Boys' Production Company Puts a Kid in Blackface, Says It Was for Lighting Purposes [Photo]

The filmmakers behind an upcoming comedy decided to use makeup to put a Black child actor’s stand-in in blackface.

The film’s production company says it’s common practice.

via TMZ:

Sources connected to the film, “Good Boys” — produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg– tell TMZ … 11-year-old Keith L. Williams’ stand-in was on set last week in Vancouver, and wearing dark brown makeup on his face.

We’re told the stand-in was also rocking an afro wig and fitted in a fat suit. Williams was on a break at the time, but our sources say the sight of his stand-in was upsetting to at least one person on set.

Other sources connected to the production company, Good Universe, tell us it’s “not uncommon for lighting purposes to match actors’ skin tones” … and they insist this is not a blackface situation.

We’ve spoken to others in the industry who say their experience is, rather than using makeup, casting directors typically make a point of hiring stand-ins who match the actors’ complexions.

We’re told “Good Boys” producers were aware someone had filed a complaint, and they were in the process of addressing the grievance.

For the record, we’re told the stand-in is a light-skinned African-American kid.

Our studio sources added, the child’s father, “a longtime stunt performer himself, who is also on the set, is offended by the claims being made regarding his son.”

In all our years covering entertainment, we’ve never seen or heard anything about putting kids in blackface — have you?

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