Say What Now? Florida Teacher Fired for Throwing Student an X-Rated Surprise Party |

Say What Now? Florida Teacher Fired for Throwing Student an X-Rated Surprise Party

A South Florida dance teacher has been fired after throwing an X-rated surprise party at the school for one of her former students.

via NYDN:

According to WSVN, the festivities took place at Mater Lakes Academy in Northwest Miami-Dade after school on Oct. 18.

The mother of a female student in attendance told the outlet the gathering was intended for members of the school’s dance team.

Video from the male student’s surprise party showed students and the teacher in question celebrating with rubber penises, penis candles, penis hats and more.

“In the videos, we see how they were preparing for the surprise party. And as the boy walked in, they surprised him with a hat that had a penis attached to the top and a string to be able to pull it so it can get erected,” the anonymous parent said.

“There was a cake that had a lollipop shaped as a vagina.”

Another female student’s mother told WSVN she was outraged as she’d raised her daughter in a more proper manner. 

She added that her daughter was traumatized by the experience.

“She couldn’t sleep last night. She woke up crying,” the woman said. “It hurts that she’s being taught this at the school where I trust she’s gonna be taken care of.”

According to WSVN, another parent contacted the Miami-Dade Police Department about the situation. They are said to be investigating.

Students as young as 11 years old are said to have been in attendance.

Mater Lakes academy confirmed to WSVN that the dance teacher had been fired, but wouldn’t reveal who was responsible for purchasing the phallic favors.

“The number one priority is the safety and well-being of our students and faculty. Once we became aware of the situation, we addressed it immediately and have taken the appropriate measures and the individual has been dismissed,” the school said in a statement to the outlet.

The identity of the former Mater Lakes Academy dance teacher remains unconfirmed.

What teacher in their right mind would EVER think that would be a good idea? You can watch video of the alleged incident in the news report here.

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