Say What Now? Drunk Driver Pulls Up at Texas Bar With Mangled Corpse He Just Hit in Passenger Seat, Police Say

The victim was hit so hard that he flew through the windshield and landed inside the car — where he remained for another half a mile, the police report states.

A Texas man pulled up to a bar with the mangled body of a man he’d just hit in his car, police have claimed.

Paul Joseph Garcia, 24, reportedly hit the victim so hard that he flew through the windshield and landed in the passenger seat, his arrest affidavit shows.

He had driven for half a mile with the corpse beside him, before arriving at the South Austin Beer Garden and “calmly” walked in barefoot, the police report says.

The crash happened at the intersection of the unfortunately named Slaughter Lane and Menchaca Road in Austin at 10.30 pm on Saturday night.

Witnesses reported seeing a white Ford Focus, driving at high speed without headlights, smash into a pedestrian as he crossed the street pushing a shopping cart. The force of the impact was such that the cart hit a group of mailboxes hard enough to bend a two-inch thick galvanized steel post, KXAN reported. The car left a trail of car parts and body parts as it continued toward the bar.

The bar’s co-owner David Pearce told the outlet his door staff knew immediately something was wrong.

“We didn’t know what kind of trouble he was in, we just knew it was bad,” he said. “He was in tears. He was distraught. In a panicked state. You could see he had tears in his eyes and it looked like he was running from something.”

Garcia was not served alcohol at the bar, the affidavit shows.

After police were called, Garcia failed a field sobriety test, while blood matching the victim’s was found on his clothing.

He was arrested and charged with intoxication manslaughter, failure to stop and render aid, and accident involving injury; his bail was set at $110,000.

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