Say What Now? Dallas Man Charged With Stealing Two Monkeys From Zoo After Being Arrested at Aquarium

Police have finally apprehended the man responsible for stealing two monkeys from the Dallas Zoo.

via Complex:

The Associated Press reports that 24-year-old Davion Irvin was hit with six counts of animal cruelty, per local police. His bail has been set at $25,000, jail records show. Irvin was charged for three counts per monkey for unsuitable habitat, abandonment, and injury to animal, according toTMZ.

He was apprehended at the Dallas World Aquarium after police received a tip, identifying him as the man from zoo surveillance footage. In the clip, he can be seen eating a bag of Doritos.

The missing emperor tamarin monkeys—named Bella and Finn—were discovered in the closet of an abandoned house. 

The monkeys were stolen amid a few odd incidents. Other animals’ enclosure fences were cut open, which led to a small leopard name Nova escaping. She was later found close to her cage. The enclosures for langur monkeys were also tampered with, though the animals appeared to be safe. Additionally, an endangered lappet-faced vulture named Pin was found dead.

What was he about to do with those monkeys, exactly? Raise them? Put them on TikTok?

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