Say What Now? Dad Hurls Homophobic Slurs in Post Office After Being Told to Wear a Mask [Video]

A post office in Alexandria, VA, was the scene of a confrontation between a couple with a small child and other customers who were upset the family weren’t wearing masks appropriately.

via TMZ:

We’re told the mother seen in the video was loudly talking on the phone without a mask covering her mouth and nose … and the father was moving around playing with his kid, but with his mask around his neck and not over his face.

This led to a confrontation, and that’s where the video picks up. The father jawed at the upset customers, telling them to mind their own business … then escalated the situation by challenging a guy to a fight.

It’s an ugly war of words from there, but got even uglier when the dad dropped the homophobic f-word about a half dozen times.

A Fairfax County Police rep tells TMZ … it got a call from the post office around 5 PM Wednesday about the mask policy argument. We’re told when cops arrived everyone had left, so no arrests were made.

Cops there tell us although the Health Department is trying to enforce wearing masks, it’s not criminal in Virginia to not wear one.

Of course, the USPS could be in for more hostile incidents in the coming months leading up to the election … especially with President Trump waging war on mail-in voting, and still not really pushing all that hard for folks to put on their damn masks.

Watch it play out below.

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