Say What Now? Brazilian Model Drowns Trying to Save Her Dogs

Brazilian model Caroline Bittencourt thought she could save her two dogs after they fell from her sailboat into the ocean, but the heroic attempt ultimately cost her her life.

via TMZ:

The deadly accident happened Sunday in Sao Paulo … where Caroline was on a catamaran with her husband, Jorge Sestini, and their 2 dogs. While out at sea, a huge storm — with reported winds over 60 mph — rocked the boat and knocked the pooches off the catamaran into the rough water. 

Bittencourt jumped in after the dogs and her husband soon followed, but he couldn’t find her. It’s unclear if the dogs were ever found. Sestini was rescued a few hours later and Bittencourt’s body was found late Monday near a beach.

Bittencourt’s 17-year-old daughter, Isabelle, confirmed the death on social media, saying, “We are grateful for the support and affectionate messages we have received from Carol’s friends and fans. This energy drive fills our hearts with so much love.”

Bittencourt is the second model to die in Brazil in less than a week. Tales Soares died after collapsing on the catwalk over the weekend during Sao Paulo Fashion Week.


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