Say What Now? Body Cam Shows Sobbing 6-Year-Old Schoolgirl Arrested and Zip-Tied by Cop [Video]

She was then fingerprinted and had her mugshot taken.

Body camera footage showing the arrest of a six-year-old Florida schoolgirl has been released.

The harrowing video shows tiny Kaia Rolle sobbing as she pleads with a police officer not to take her away — which he then does with her arms zip-tied behind her back.

The incident occurred last September at Lucious and Emma Nixon Academy, where the little girl was accused of battery after allegedly striking staff during a tantrum.

The upsetting clip shows officer Dennis Turner arriving at the school office, before announcing: “Okay, she’s going to come with us now,” ordering her to “stand up… come over here.”

As he brandishes the zip ties, the clearly frightened little girl asks “what are those for?” before breaking down into tears.

“No! Let me go! Don’t put handcuffs on!” she wails, begging for help. “Help me!”

Unmoved, the officer leads her from the school and into the back of a police car, as she begs “please give me a second chance,” now in hysterics. “Please just let me go!”

After locking her up in the car, Turner returns to the school to tell staff Kaia has broken the record for his youngest ever arrest. But not by much; he previously arrested a 7-year-old boy.

The zip ties, it seems, were because normal cuffs would have slipped off her tiny wrists. “If she was bigger she would have been in regular handcuffs,” he can be heard advising.

Kaia was brought to the station, had her fingerprints recorded and even had a mugshot taken, State Attorney Aramis Ayala later confirmed. No charges were ultimately filed against her.

Turner was fired after the incident. According to Orlando Police Department policy, officers must get approval from a watch commander to arrest anyone under 12 years old.

Orlando police Chief Orlando Rolon apologized after the arrest made headlines. “On behalf of myself and the entire Orlando Police Department, I apologize to the children involved and their families,” he said. “As a grandfather of three children less than 11 years old, I can only imagine how traumatic this was for everyone involved.”

Kais’s grandmother Meralyn Kirkland told WOGX the body cam footage was difficult to watch.

“I wasn’t prepared for the emotions viewing that bodycam,” she said. “What was most heartwrenching for me, on that clip you can hear and you can see Kaia begging for help. She just broke down completely and she started begging everyone around to help her. Nobody said anything, not even to calm her to say it’s going to be ok Kaia.”

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