Say What Now? Beyoncé Is Italian Pretending to Be African American, Florida Politician Claims [Photos]

Her real name is Ann Marie Lastrassi, apparently.

Beyonce is faking being African American for clout, and is in fact an Italian woman, one Florida politician has claimed.

Congressional hopeful KW Miller told his 17k followers on Twitter on July 4 that the singer’s real name actually Ann Marie Lastrassi.

“Beyoncé is not even African American,” he proclaimed. “She is faking this for exposure.

“Her real name is Ann Marie Lastrassi. She is Italian. This is all part of the Soros Deep State agenda for the Black Lives Matter movement,” he tweeted. “BEYONCÉ YOU ARE ON NOTICE!”

The conspiracy theory appeared to have started as a joke on social media last week, using a pic of Big Brother 11’s Rachael White as Lastrassi (above right); however Miller, who is running for Congress in Florida’s 18th Congressional District in November, believes there is more than some truth to it.

In a lengthy Twitter rant, he claimed Bey’s song “Formation” was actually a secret coded message to globalists, in which she admitted she was demonic and worshiped in the Satanist churches of Alabama and Louisiana.

He went on to state, “Becky With The Good Hair” actually refers to “Soros operative” UK writer Beck Hogge; while the fact she shouts out to a “Black Bill Gates in the making” in 2020 — the same year Black Lives Matter “terrorizes” the country and Bill Gates pushes a COVID vaccination — was simply too much to be a coincidence.

“She keeps Satanist symbols in her bag,” he accused, showing quite an impressive knowledge of the Queen Bey’s lyrics, for someone so opposed to her indoctrination efforts.

Bey, of course, isn’t the only secret member of the cabal. “Patti LaBelle is another Illuminati globalist puppet,” he claimed, insisting she is part of a plot to reinstall Barack Obama as President.

Miller, who claims to have 150million followers globally across social media (just 17k of whom are on Twitter), shared some other controversial opinions on Monday.

The origin of the Beyonce conspiracy theory seemed to stem from a single Instagram comment alleging as such in late June.

A firmly tongue-in-cheek Twitter thread then claimed to have found pictures of “Lastrassi” — using the Rachael White pic — and the faux theory caught fire, with most subsequent posts — but not all — playing along with the joke.

Miller describes himself as a Trump supporter, but is running in the election as an Independent candidate, against incumbent Republican Representative Brian Mast.

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