Say What Now? Arizona 'Karen' Destroys Target Mask Display, Claims She's Being Harassed for Wearing Her '$40,000 Rolex'...and Gets Arrested at Home [Video]

An Arizona woman says she was sent by President Trump and a conspiracy theory group to take Target to task for selling face masks … and to flaunt her alleged high-priced watch.

via TMZ:

The Internet has dubbed this gal here “QAnon Karen” after she filmed herself going into a Scottsdale-area Target and knocking down all the face masks on display in one of their aisles. She had to talk herself up before doing it, making it sound like a last stand mission.

She rants and about “not doing it” anymore — which we think means she’s not gonna let face masks be sold anymore??? Who the hell knows, but she went to town on the display.

Some staffer eventually comes over and asks her to stop, but she refuses … incoherently saying they let “everyone else do it,” and then questioning if they’re trying to stop her because she’s a white, blonde woman. But wait, it gets even more cringe-worthy!

‘Karen’ ponders whether they’re hassling her because she has on a “$40,000 Rolex” … just utter nonsense, but also hilarious. People have noted that Rollies don’t usually shop at and/or terrorize Targets — not really fair, because Targets are awesome. But again, this woman thinks she was sent by higher powers … those powers being 45 and QAnon, of which she says she’s a spokesperson.

Another video showed the aftermath of all this — it appears cops tracked her down to her home and arrested her, which she also recorded. You gotta watch that mess on your own.

Welcome to the new normal … where masks are now the bane of some folks’ existence.

Watch both videos below.

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