Say What Now? Andy Cohen Grills Sam Smith About 'Doing Poppers' with Nicole Scherzinger [Video]

The Bravo boss wanted to get the deets on what he called “his favorite rumor of last year.”

Andy Cohen put Sam Smith in the hot seat about his alleged wild night out with Nicole Scherzinger last December.

During his SiriusXM show “Radio Andy” on Friday, the Bravo boss wanted to get the deets on what he called “his favorite rumor of last year,” which was the story of Sam “doing poppers” with Nicole in a bar in London.

“Ya know I’ve talked about poppers,” Andy began. “I feel like poppers have their place — they’re not illegal — they can be a beautiful thing. Can you confirm or deny that that happened?”

Sam laughed and replied, “I feel bad. I can completely confirm I love poppers. I LOVE poppers. I’ve been ashamed to say that, but I have so much fun when I do poppers”

For those uninitiated, poppers is a slang term for a liquid recreational drug, most commonly alkyl nitrites, which is inhaled causing brief periods of euphoric feelings, according to the Independent.

The term “poppers” first began being used in the 1960s and 70s, when it was sold in capsules that were cracked, or “popped,” to release the chemical for inhalation.

When Andy pressed why they would feel ashamed, Sam said, “I don’t know. I guess some people would look at it and think that its just not good. And I’m not trying to endorse it ’cause I know they’re not good for you.”

Andy agreed and Sam reiterated, “I know they’re not good for you. I mean, booze isn’t go for you as well, right?”

“I just love it that she was open enough that you were like ‘Oh, you just have to try a hit of poppers,'” Andy exclaimed.

“I think Nicole has definitely gone out to a fair amount of gay bars in her life,” they said with a laugh. “We’ve been out a few times in London.”

“But yeah, we we’re just out that one time. I honestly didn’t think anyone could see us,” they added. “Yeah, we just got a bit rowdy and, yeah, it was fabulous.”

Check out the cheeky clip above.

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