Say What Now? Adam Venit Says Terry Crews Doesn't Have a Case Against Him Because He Wasn't Injured or Groped Sexually

Adam Venit, the Hollywood exec who sexually assaulted Terry Crews at a party by grabbing his d*ck has filed new legal documents in response to Terry’s lawsuit.

According to Venit, Terry doesn’t have a case because he didn’t get hurt in the process.

via TMZ:

Adam Venit, a big Hollywood agent at William Morris Endeavor, just filed his response to actor Terry’s lawsuit, in which Terry alleged Adam grabbed his genitals in the middle of a party.

Adam issued a general denial, adding Terry can’t win the lawsuit because he didn’t suffer any injury and, on top of that, none of his conduct was sexual.

Sources connected to Adam say he had too much to drink that night and the groping was horseplay, for which he apologized to Terry the next day.  

Sexual assault is sexual assault. Period.

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