Say What Now? 13 Dead in Stampede at Nightclub Illegally Operating Despite Coronavirus Restrictions [Video]

13 people died in a stampede early Sunday morning in Peru, after cops tried to shut down a nightclub that was operating illegally in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

23 others have been arrested.

via TMZ:

The video shows the chaotic scene as cops make their move. The 120 partygoers panicked and tried escaping through a single exit. A stampede followed and the victims were trampled.  A number of the victims were crushed in the stairwell area.

The aftermath is horrific, as bodies were being loaded onto pickup trucks.

The club was not supposed to be operating … the Peruvian government re-instituted a 10 PM  curfew because COVID is out of control. Peru has been hit harder than most Latin American countries, with 576,000 cases and more than 27,000 deaths.

Imagine risking coronavirus only to die in a stampede.

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