Saweetie Reveals She’s Attending An Artist Development Boot Camp To Work On Her Skills [Video]

Saweetie is doing the work to improve her craft.

via: Uproxx

Saweetie is set to have a big summer this year, but it’s nothing she’s not used to. Her prior records like “Tap In,” “My Type,” and “Icy Grl” could be found on the summer soundtracks for years and with official debut album, Pretty B*tch Music, on the way, her fans can expect some more great music from the Bay Area act. Before that arrives, however, Saweetie revealed that she brought her talents to an artist development boot camp with the goal of working on the areas she struggles in as a musician.

She shared the news during a recent interview with Apple Music. “For me, I’m gonna focus on what I struggle with — I struggle with breathing control, I’m gonna work on my dance moves, my details, all that good stuff, my body, my stamina, everything,” she said. The hosts on the Apple Music show were surprised by her involvement in the camp and commended her for joining it and putting an effort to improve her skills.

The interview came just a couple weeks after she released her Pretty Summer Playlist: Season 1. The seven-track effort saw appearances from Drakeo The Ruler, Bbyafricka, Kednra Jae, Lourdiz, and Loui.

You can watch Saweetie’s full Apple Music interview above. Pretty Summer Playlist: Season 1 is out now via Warner. Get it here.

It’s hard to hate on someone who’s putting in the work to better themselves.

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