Sabrina Peterson Responds To T.I. And Tiny Laughing At Her Apology Request [Photos + Video] |

Sabrina Peterson Responds To T.I. And Tiny Laughing At Her Apology Request [Photos + Video]

Sabrina Peterson has responded to T.I. laughing off to her apology request.

via: The Blast

In 2021, T.I. and his wife, Tiny, have been on the hot seat on social media and the subject of a lot of criticism. This is due to their longtime friend, Sabrina Peterson, bashing them at the end of January on Instagram. She alleged how the couple supposedly abused her over the years, as well as T.I. pointing a gun at her. Following Peterson’s lengthy Instagram post, women started to flood her DMs, with claims of how they suffered sexual abuse from T.I. and Tiny as well as being drugged by them.

Back in early March, Peterson also launched a defamation lawsuit against T.I. and Tiny, according to TMZ. This was due to the couple supposedly smearing Peterson’s name on social media. Legal documents also added that other public statements have been negatively affecting Peterson as well. Tiny also posted Peterson’s 8-year-old son, which Peterson says exposed the child to. “vitriol and danger” online. Their attorney, Steve Sadow, responded by telling TMZ “These allegations are nothing more than the continuation of a sordid shakedown campaign that began on social media.”

Last week, Peterson also surprised social media by posting a video on her Instagram feed. She announced that she would withdraw her lawsuit if T.I. and Tiny apologize for what they allegedly did to her and tell the public the truth about what happened.

“Tell the truth about me, tell the truth about what you did to me, and apologize. I’m gone. don’t want one dime. And here’s the other stipulation: Do it within seven days… Do this, what I’m saying right now, within seven days. Within seven days, tell the truth and apologize.”

Unfortunately for Peterson, this offer for an apology doesn’t appear to be something that T.I. and Tiny are interested in doing at all. On Monday, T.I. posted a photo to his Instagram account of himself, Ne-Yo, Kevin Hart, and Dave Chappelle with the caption, An “Apology???????? -Drako voice. #WhatItsComeTo” Shortly after this post was made, Tiny hopped into the comments section as she said, “LOL it’s too early for this sir.” Other comments included plenty of laughing emojis as well.

While a lot of Instagram is clowning Peterson with T.I., she is now responding to the denial of her proposed apology from him and Tiny. Peterson posted a photo to her Instagram feed, which showed T.I and R. Kelly together. The caption read “Narcissist checklist.” 14 of these requirements were listed as many were interested in these shots taken at T.I. and the disgraced R&B star. These included being two-faced, being arrogant, and lacking sympathy for others.

This isn’t going to end well.

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