Rumer Willis Shares Body-Positive Message While Posing in Underwear, Dad Bruce Accidentally Makes Cameo [Video]

Her dad Bruce’s voice can then be heard in the background as he pops into her room.

Rumer Willis is getting real about body positivity.

On Monday, the 31-year-old actress shared an “appreciation post” for her body and opened up about her insecurities. Rumer — who is isolating in Idaho with her siblings, mom Demi Moore and dad Bruce Willis — got candid about the pressures to “find a new routine” and stay healthy while quarantining amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” actress posted a photo and video that featured her rocking a plunging bralette and matching boxers from Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS shapewear and loungewear line.

“This is just an appreciation post for my body ??because I think it’s important to celebrate ourselves,” she began in the caption of the photo (above). “Not because we lost weight or we are a certain size or because we have a rare moment when a photo looks ‘how we think it should to be accepted by mainstream.'”

“My body does so much for me and works so hard for me,” she continued. “But more often than not the only thing it hears it what is wrong with it. What is lacking or what there is too much of. I am a fault of this all too often.”

Rumer went on to explain how “being in quarantine and struggling to find a new routine and not using food to find comfort when you are stuck at home all day is hard. Finding discipline to workout from home and eat healthy is hard and it’s ok not to be perfect, I’m certainly not.”

“The House Bunny” star stressed to her followers that it’s more important to “find ways to be happy where you are at” rather than making “being a perfect size or weight or hair color or body shape some goal that you can only find happiness and acceptance of you reach it.”

“You will never be happy if that is the case because there will always be something wrong,” Rumer added. “When we look in the mirror or at a photo we usually just go to all the things ‘wrong’ not the unique beauty.”

“I had a moment today after I worked out and I took this picture and I tried just for a moment to just see all the amazing things and not my ‘perceived flaws,'” she continued. “I took a moment to acknowledge myself and my body and how much it does and I said thank you for being just as you are and even just for today I release the idea that to be beautiful or desirable you have to be anything other that what you are right now.”

Rumer concluded with a message for her fans, writing, “I wanted to share this in hopes that maybe it may inspire you to do the same.”

A few hours later, Rumer shared a raw video in the same outfit and became “really vulnerable” with her fans by pointing out her flaws and insecurities.

“Body Talk,” she captioned the clip. “I wanted to be really vulnerable and transparent and talk to you guys about body confidenc

The “Empire” actress said she decided to set the record straight after she shared her flawless photo earlier in the day and pointed out that “just because I can take a great photo, that doesn’t mean I still don’t have problems.”

“I think that I realized even in me posting a photo and saying all of those things about loving myself, it’s really hard to look at someone because I even do it,” Rumer said. “When I look at someone who’s taken a great photo and it’s talking about body image and loving themselves that when I see a good photo, part of me wants to be like, well f–k you, you’re perfect. So you know, why are you even complaining? Or how could you even begin to have issues?”

“I was thinking about it a lot,” she continued. “I just was trying to find a very clear and completely unedited, unfiltered way for you guys to see what I look like and to share that just because I can take a great photo that doesn’t mean that I still don’t have problems.”

Rumer then stepped back from the camera to show off her full body in the frame.

“I wanted to just kind of show you guys what I look like and yeah, that’s not a posed photo, that’s not a perfect angle,” she said. “You know, like sometimes my stomach isn’t as flat as I want it to be. And you know, sometimes I feel like my arms look huge and photos and sometimes I feel like my thighs are massive and I don’t like my gray hair or whatever it is. I hate the little flab sometimes that I see when I try and wear a bra, but they’re all things that I’m sure that I notice much more than anybody else does.”

“So my goal was just to be, like I said, extremely transparent,” she explained. “I guess in my mind everyone would say that, like there’s some perfect standard of a body. This is just what my body looks like, you know? And I’m working really hard to try and eat healthy and work out and motivate myself to be strong.”

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