Rudy Gobert's Coronavirus Symptoms Include Loss of Taste and Smell

Rudy Gobert says he’s now experiencing a few side effects of coronavirus — noting he’s lost his sense of both taste and smell since being diagnosed.

via TMZ:

“Loss of smell and taste is definitely one of the symptoms,” the Utah Jazz center said Sunday. “Haven’t been able to smell anything for the last 4 days.”

The 27-year-old was officially diagnosed with COVID-19 back on March 11 — remember, it was his positive test results that spurred NBA commish Adam Silver to suspend league-play indefinitely.

But, Gobert had seemed to be recovering well … until this weekend, when he revealed he’s having trouble tasting and smelling things.

“Anyone experiencing the same thing?” Gobert said.

According to reports, others with the virus have said they share similar issues … although the CDC and WHO say the most common symptoms are fever, cough, fatigue and respiratory problems.

Gobert is one of several NBA players who have contracted the virus this month … Kevin Durant, Marcus Smart and two unnamed Lakers players — among others — have all tested positive in the last few days.

Rudy has apologized for carelessly exposing others before he was officially diagnosed … and has since implored people to practice self-quarantining and social distancing to help stop the spread of the virus.

Stay home.

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