Rotimi Reassures People That LeBron’s “House Party” Remake Will Be Better Than “Space Jam” [Video] |

Rotimi Reassures People That LeBron’s “House Party” Remake Will Be Better Than “Space Jam” [Video]

Rotimi says fear not, the “House Party” reboot is in good hands with LeBron James — despite the less than stellar reviews for LBJ’s take on ‘Space Jam.’

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Rotimi, sat down for an interview with TMZ, and seemed to be confident that the upcoming edition of the 90s classic is in good hands.

Shortly after the release of Space Jam: A New Legacy, it was revealed that LeBron James’ production company, SpringHill would be heading another remake. Due to the criticism the new Space Jam received, many have been wary that House Party would suffer the same fate.

However, Rotimi made it very clear that while he was on set, things seemed to be running smoothly. The singer-turned-actor feels that the movie has a lot of potential, especially because so many rising young stars who are really seeking to prove themselves are included in the cast.

“We challenged each other on this, man. We knew that creating a generational movie like that, and touching that legacy, we have to bring our A-game,” he told TMZ.

If Rotimi’s word hasn’t convinced you, it’s also worth noting that the House Party 2.0 script was crafted by Emmy-nominated writers Jamal Olori and Stephen Glover, the latter being the younger brother of rapper/actor Donald Glover.

TMZ also notes that the movie is being directed by Charles Kidd II, known by many as Calmatic, who won the 2019 MTV Video Award for Best Direction for his work on Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road.”

You can hear everything had to say about his role in the upcoming House Party remake below.

Leave ‘House Party’ alone and just create something new. Most of what happened in ‘House Party’ would not fly in 2021.

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