Rose McGowan Fears Harvey Weinstein Will 'Hire A Hitman To Kill Me' [Video]

“These are just casual thoughts of my life and that’s what’s so wrong and sick.”

Rose McGowan says Harvey Weinstein is still a source of fear for her despite his conviction this week.

During an interview with “Good Morning Britain,” the actress spoke openly about being one of the first women to step forward to claim sexual misconduct against the movie mogul, who was convicted of criminal sexual assault and one count of rape in the third degree in a New York court on Monday.

“The other night, I have to be honest, I was sitting at home and I was thinking I should do the laundry and then I thought, ‘Oh, I wonder if he gets convicted he’ll hire a hitman to kill me,'” the 46-year-old said of the fear she still lives with everyday.

She added, “These are just casual thoughts of my life and that’s what’s so wrong and sick. And that’s why I fought so hard for this to stop.”

In October 2017, the “Charmed” actress accused Weinstein of raping her in 1997. Since McGowan’s rape accusation stems from an alleged incident from over 20 years ago it does not fit the statute of limitations for criminal charges. Weinstein denied the claim, and all others against him, saying his sexual relationships were consensual.

“While we’re speaking, people are being raped all over the world and they’ll never have a voice in this. I wanted to come and be a voice for those who will never get a chance,” she said during the interview.

McGowan told the hosts she believed Weinstein was going to be “exonerated” during the trial and felt there would never be justice.

“The last time I actually had hope was the moment before I was raped by him,” she said of her accusations, which were further detailed in her memoir “Brave.”

The hosts discussed McGowan’s long battle with Weinstein even after she first made the claims, as Weinstein was also accused of attempting to silence his accusers.

“He very much came after me. He and his giant machine of other monsters, enablers, people that he paid to do dastardly things — things that sound like they’re out of a spy novel, but they were my life,” McGowan said.

“Can you imagine having something so traumatic and you have to keep it isolated inside of your own mind, your soul, your body? That’s a brutal form of torture, while the other person goes merrily along with their existence,” she continued.

Weinstein is in custody until his sentencing hearing on March 11 and still faces charges of sexual assault and rape in separate incidents in Los Angeles.

“I would rather he just cease to exist, I think the world would be better off,” McGowan told the ITV morning show. “I’m happy there is one less serial predator on the streets because I can tell you that people would not be safe if he was out.”

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