Rosa Parks' Nephew Says She Would Be 'Hurt' By Nicki Minaj's Lyrics, Nicki Responds to Backlash: 'Had No Clue Anyone Was Mad. Don't Care' [Video]

Those close to the late Rosa Parks say Nicki Minaj needs to have a seat.

People at the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self Development feel anyway, along with Rosa’s nephew, feel that an upcoming lyric on Nicki’s new song “Yikes” is out of pocket.

via TMZ:

Anita Peek, Executive Director at the institute who worked closely with Parks prior to her passing, tells TMZ … if Rosa were alive today, she’d be extremely hurt by Minaj taking her bus protest — one of the most significant moments of the Civil Rights Movement — and putting a negative spin on it for a song, even if she was just trying to be clever or funny.

Peek says there is absolutely nothing funny about segregation in America and suggests Nicki should have known better than to include lyrics people would consider disrespectful.

One of those people is William McCauley, Parks’ nephew, who tells us … “It was both heartbreaking and disrespectful that Nicki Minaj would have a lyric in a song that can be used negatively when mentioning someone who provided her the freedoms that she has today.”

Nicki took to Instagram to respond to the backlash, basically saying she doesn’t care.

Well…aside from the disrespectful lyric, the song sounds cute!


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