Rob Kardashian Spends the Night with Blac Chyna, Is Reportedly 'Convinced' She's Going to Leave Him for a Rapper [Photo]


As reported earlier this week, Rob Kardashian’s self-esteem is back at a low point thanks to his many ‘breaks’ from Blac Chyna.

According to TMZ, the couple has been fighting for ‘months’ and a lot of it has to do with Chyna’s dating history.

Sources close to the parents-to-be say Rob’s never been comfortable with aspects of Chyna’s past. For instance, we’re told he’s brought up her relationships with Tyga and Future. Our source says she had to stop listening to certain songs when Rob was around because he once told her point-blank, “You’d rather date a rapper than a fat Armenian.”

As we previously reported, Rob’s spiraled back into depression, and has put on weight while they’ve been on the outs. Their convos these days are tense … especially if Chyna suggests he work out and eat healthy. He takes it as an insult, but we’re told she’s concerned about his health.

Suffice to say, the days of couples workout sessions are a thing of the past.

No shade, but this is all stuff Rob & Chyna should’ve gotten past before deciding to bring a child into this world.

Speaking of the baby — Rob & Chyna had a ‘sleepover’ on Wednesday night. Rob shared a snap of Chyna’s baby bump in bed.


According to Kardashian family PR E! News,

R0b and Chyna didn’t break up, but they are living separately. Like any couple, they have their problems but are working through them. “Rob and Chyna are fine. They are together, but it’s just difficult right now,” a source told E! News. 

“They are living separately because that makes for a more harmonious life for the two of them. They just bicker a lot. They argue but ultimately they love one another.” 

The drama.

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