Rob Kardashian Instagrams FaceTime Session With Blac Chyna Post-Arrest, Reportedly Wants to Do a Reality Show with Her [Exclusive Details]

Kris Jenner is going to have to try harder if she wants to keep Rob Kardashian away from Blac Chyna.

After Blac Chyna’s arrest yesterday, Rob Kardashian took to Instagram to share a snapshot of their FaceTime session.

How precious.

According to TMZ, Rob also wants to document their relationship in the form of a reality TV show.

We’re told Rob wants a show about his life with Blac Chyna. It will chronicle their day-to-day lives, which reinforces what we’ve heard … that they’re going to be living together for a long time.

As for why Rob wants back on TV — especially since he’s lived like a hermit for 2 years — we’re told it’s simply what he knows and how he makes a living.

Here’s the rub … Rob’s in deep with the Kardashian TV franchise, and we’re told their contract gives the E! Network first bite at any reality show any of them might do. We’re told Kris is none too happy about Rob’s new relationship, and she has a lot of power at E!.

Even if the network turns thumbs down, Rob can still shop it elsewhere.

Here’s the reality about this reality show … he can probably sell it.

Now, what’s interesting is that a lot of you may not know that Kim Kardashian was working on a Blac Chyna-centered reality show back when they were BFFs. In fact, Kim K. was supposed to be the executive producer of the show, but Kim pumped the brakes on that entire situation when things got muddy between Blac and Kylie. Not only did Blac lose her man, but she also lost her show at the same time. If that were us, we’d probably be out for revenge too!

It looks like Blac might get a Kardashian hand in her show after all.

When Zaddy holds u down no matter what ?????

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