Rob Kardashian Deletes Kim Kardashian Diss from Instagram, Still Angry with His Family for Discussing His Problems on TV

Rob Kardashian in 2013

Rob Kardashian in 2013

Rob Kardashian is reportedly livid that his family is discussing his ‘personal struggles’ on television.

According to Radar Online:

“Rob told Kris in no uncertain terms he is extremely upset that his personal problems are being aired on national television. This isn’t going to help Rob in any way. If anything, it’s only pushing him farther away from the family!”

“His life isn’t a storyline for KUWTK! The show has ruined his family and turned them into people he doesn’t he know, or want to be around. Even if the family wants to help him, the way to do that is behind closed doors, away from the media spotlight,” the source continued.

The relationship between Kim and Rob is “strained now more than ever,” the source told Radar. “Who knows how Rob will lash out towards Kim next, but it will happen.”

That’s the thing about reality television, you sign up for showcasing both the good AND the bad. Let’s not forget, according to E!’s mega deal with The Kardashians, Rob is still contracted to get paid per episode he chooses to appear on.


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