Rico Nasty Said Being On Playboi Carti’s Tour Is Making Her ‘Wish I Was Dead’ [Photos]

Fans are rushing to comfort Rico Nasty after she posted unsettling messages about her mental state.

via: Uproxx

At first, it seemed like Rico Nasty landing a role opening up for Playboi Carti was a good thing. The rising rapper is one of the most talented MCs in the game, and has made a way for herself as a woman in hip-hop who leans all the way into her own aggressive style of music. She’s a unique force, and one to be reckoned with. But everyone has their limits, and the disrespectful way Carti’s fans have been treating Rico when she’s onstage has begun to wear on her mental health.

Back in November, a fan threw a bottle at her while she was performing in Portland, and she nearly confronted them for the incident. She also was upset when fans booed her during an LA show, saying: “This is what the f*ck we gon’ do for you disrespectful muthaf*ckers out there.. B*tch, we gon’ sit in muthaf*ckin silence! Don’t you f*cking play! What you think this is, b*tch? It’s not that.” So far, Carti has been silent about the way fans have been behaving toward her, but Rico seemed to reach a breaking point tonight when she took to Twitter to let fans know how much she’s struggling.

“I dead ass need at least two hours out of each day. To just cry,” she began. “Crazy how I wanted a tour bus my whole life and now I just be on the tour bus crying myself to sleep every night ?. I wish I was dead just as much as y’all do trust me. Y’all win.” Quickly deleting her tweets, Complex caught the missives before they were removed:

Twitter has since erupted with support for Rico — including from artists like Kehlani — so here’s hoping she can focus on those messages of love and encouragement instead of a few terrible fans on a single tour. Check out some supportive messages for Rico below.

We are sending Rico lots of love.

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