Rick Ross Buys Sprawling Mansion in Atlanta, Plans on Opening the Gates for Impoverished Children [Photos]


Rick Ross’ new mega mansion in Atlanta is quite the stunner, but what’s even more impressive — aside from the home’s full baseball field, basketball courts, lakes, fully functioning horse stables with 7 newly acquired Black Stallions, and bowling alley — is the fact that Rick Ross plans to open the gates for young people from impoverished areas.

With the home the children will be able to spend time and receive the kind of life encouragement that they may need to help them begin to dream.

Ross says that when he was a child, he attended a Christian camp facilitated by football players from South Florida. The experience helped him begin to envision a life beyond his current reality. He wants to create that same experience for other youth who might not otherwise get the chance.

Way to ‘Pay it Forward’, Rick!

Check out some photos of the mansion below!

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