RHOP Star Monique Samuels Slams Candiace Dillard for 'Vicious' and 'Nasty' Behavior [Video]

“There’s a lot of hate there,” Monique claimed.

Monique Samuels has had her fair share of trials and tribulations as a cast member of “The Real Housewives of Potomac,” but none have come close to the current drama surrounding her and her family.

During an exclusive interview with TooFab, the mother-of-three reacted to fellow Housewife Candiace Dillard claiming there was a plot to bring Monique down by spreading a rumor about her son’s paternity.

ICYMI, Candiace took to her Instagram Live on August 9 to speak about the alleged plan that she claimed was brought up at a dinner with herself, a few Housewives and “several other people” after Andy Cohen’s baby shower last year.

“There was a conversation about someone plotting to spread a rumor that Chase was not Chris’s [Samuels] baby,” Candiace explained during the Live session. “That conversation happened. I was there for it. I never contributed to the plot-ation of the conversation. I said that that would never fly, and it should be dropped.”

“It’s just disgusting,” Monique told TooFab. “You know, when we look at the shows and the franchise, we want to be entertained. We don’t want to destroy families or even watch other families be destroyed.”

“There should be boundaries that are set. You don’t speak someone’s name, you don’t speak my child’s name. You don’t address my children.”

“It’s a whole bunch of nasty mess.”

As to why Candiace would air it all out during her Instagram session, Monique believed it was only to save face.

“I think that she thought that would be her saving grace by throwing the others under the bus and saying that she called it out and said no,” the star claimed. “So, I think that was her reasoning for going so deep into all of the information about their plotting dinner.”

Monique went on to say that any friendship with Candiace has now been destroyed.

“I’m done,” she claimed. “I’m of the mindset that if I decided to not be friends with someone that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m going to be your enemy and try to talk badly about you. And that’s all that she’s been doing as it comes to me.”

“She was on her Live calling me mentally ill,” she continued. “She was talking about my parenting and saying that I wasn’t fit to be a parent. Why are you still talking about me? Like, why are you having so many vicious things to say?”

“There’s a lot of hate there,” she added. “There’s no reconciliation after that. Cause you’re still — you’re still feeding and egging and doing things that are nasty.”

In response, Candiace’s publicist told TooFab, “There is certainly a lot of season left for our audience to take in. In the meantime, she wishes no ill will toward Monique nor her family and she is currently focusing on herself, her family and her career.”

As for the “RHOP” reunion being filmed in person during the coronavirus pandemic, Monique is keeping her hopes up.

“We’re just taking it day by day,” she explained, “At some point they’ll come up with a plan for us that they feel is safe and I hope that is in person.”

“Cause I don’t want to be muted,” she added with a laugh.

Meanwhile, Monique has been channeling her energy into more positive endeavors — authoring “Potty Training Mommy & Daddy: A Guide For Introducing Infant Potty Training As Early As 6 Months Old” and releasing a single called “Drag Queens.”

“So years before Housewives, when I was 19 years old, maybe even younger, I was actually pursuing a career as a rapper,” she confessed to TooFab. “So that was my way of just releasing tension and putting it into something that could be fun.”

“I needed that after this season,” she added with a laugh. “I needed that outlet.”

And you can check out Monique’s lifestyle website at Notforlazymoms.com.

[via TooFab]

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