RHOA Recap: NeNe Buries Ends Beef with Porsha, But Blows Up on Kenya Moore

“You need to be assaulted,” NeNe hurls at Kenya during another confrontation.

It was a night of ups and downs for NeNe Leakes on Sunday’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

During the cast trip to Greece, tensions between her and Kenya Moore really came to a head with a fight to be continued next week — a fight that came after NeNe finally patched things up with another one of her costars.

Let’s start with the good news first, as Leakes and Porsha Williams buried the hatchet after being at each other’s throats last season on the show. Their drama began when Porsha accused NeNe of being physical during an altercation — which Leakes denied — before the two of them started taking swipes at each other on social media. In a series of text messages at the time, NeNe body shamed Porsha, calling her a “big piggy with the busted shape.”

Yeah, it was bad.

In a confessional, Porsha explained that her therapy sessions with Dennis led her to “think about the longterm value of a relationship,” which made her realize she was so “hurt” by NeNe because “I valued our friendship” so much. During a one-on-one sit-down during their Grecian vacay, Williams tried to explain her state of mind during their feud.

“This time was extra sensitive to me because I was pregnant. In the beginning when I just had PJ, it was really hard. I was trying to breastfeed, I had gone through postpartum depression,” she said. “The timing of you and I having this war was like the worst possible time for me, period. I couldn’t forgive because it had hurt me that deep because it was at such a vulnerable time. And I just felt as though you didn’t care. So when I felt like you didn’t care, I let go of who we were.”

She said NeNe’s words “hurt me the most,” because of their strong bond before them. “I genuinely love you, I genuinely look up to you, but this shit that we are arguing about has got us so far apart,” she said.

NeNe told viewers she “felt bad” that she “said anything that may have hurt her,” before telling Porsha to her face that she hoped they could put this behind them. “I love you like a big sister. That’s real. And I want to be your sister, I want to be here for you and PJ, I do,”said NeNe. “I don’t want to see you hurt, I want to be able to talk to you openly, and I want to still have that friendship.”

NeNe explained she was going through a rough patch in her marriage too, saying it was “the worst time” for her and Gregg, who was battling cancer at the time. “I just felt closed off and shut down,” said Leakes, “I didn’t have you guys to come to. I was crushed. I felt like if he left, I wouldn’t have anybody.”

The two had a tear-filled hug, before Porsha said she’d respect NeNe’s “boundaries” more going forward. It was a sweet moment, with Leakes clearly saving all the fireworks for Kenya.

Later in the episode, Porsha came up with the horrible idea to have the women address their issues with each other openly, during an activity where only the two ladies wearing Grecian crowns could speak. It didn’t go well.

After Cynthia Bailey forgave Kenya for shading her business and putting a damper on her engagement, NeNe called BS, believing Bailey would never be as forgiving with her.

“I don’t understand the tiptoeing. I know that if that was me, you would have gone harder,” NeNe said to Cynthia. “We were closer than anybody in this circle, and that includes her.”

“Things change,” Kenya shot back.

“You a big ass bully, bitch,” shouted NeNe. “What you gonna say about it, what you doing about it? All you can do is run your mouth. You are a Negative Betty anyway, girl. Negative Betty!”

When Kenya asked if this was “bipolar NeNe” speaking, Leakes threw the label back at her. “No, you’re bipolar, bitch! You are bipolar! Bipolar Kenya, go get your medication,” Leakes hurled at her. “That’s why your husband left because you’re bipolar! Too bad your husband don’t like you.”

Reminder this trip began literally hours after Kenya and Marc Daly split, following what Moore called a brutal fight. So, yeah, those wounds were still fresh.

“Your husband doesn’t like you!” NeNe shouted. “I left him,” Kenya hit back. “He never liked you!” Leakes threw back at her.

“You’re tired and you’re dry!” Kenya then shouted, before NeNe told her, “You’re tired and your cat is dry while your husband is gone, bitch”

After Porsha tried to keep the peace, yelling, “This is too far!” Leakes then interjected, “Get a new booty implant!”

Somehow they moved past that, with Kenya trying to smooth things over with Tanya Sam too. ICYMI: Kenya confronted Sam with the “cookie lady” who accused Tanya’s fiancé Paul of flirting with her earlier this season.

“A married woman wouldn’t do that to another woman. Low, so low,” said NeNe when Tanya brought it up. “Girl, you have done so many things,” Kenya shouted back.

“Shut up, I’ll f–k you up,” NeNe yelled across the table, pretending to throw popcorn in her direction, “Shut up, bitch!”

“Please, assault me with a peanut,” Moore hit back. “You need to be assaulted,” Leakes shouted. “Please, go to jail again,” said Kenya, not backing down.

The episode ended with NeNe standing up as she shouted, “You is a dumb ass bitch and you will get fucked up!”

We’ll see this fight play out next week on “RHOA,” airing Sundays on Bravo.

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