Report: James Harden Was ‘Briefly Detained’ While Lil Baby Was Arrested For Marijuana Possession In Paris [Video]

James Harden, in Paris for Fashion Week, was seen on a video with French police Thursday afternoon, but reportedly Harden was not arrested and was never taken into custody.

via: Uproxx

James Harden was not arrested during a run-in with police officers in Paris on Thursday, according to ESPN. Harden is in Paris for fashion week, and according to videos that have emerged from the event, one person with whom he’s been traveling, Lil Baby, was among those taken in by the authorities for marijuana possession.

One video showed Harden in communication with the authorities, expressing that he did not understand something that was happening.

Additional footage showed Lil Baby inside of a police vehicle with Harden nearby.

ESPN managed to get some more details, and while Harden was “briefly detained,” he was never taken into custody. The report indicates that Harden was not with the group when 20 grams of marijuana was found in their car, but when it was evident that something was going down between Lil Baby’s group and the authorities, “Harden was apparently nearby and tried to intervene and was briefly detained, but was let go.”

TMZ went on to report that Harden “did not break any laws and was allowed to go about his day.” There is no word on who else was arrested alongside Lil Baby, but reports say that two others were taken in alongside of him.

No further information regarding Lil Baby is available, story developing.

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