The Rent Is Always Due: Ja Rule Filmed Rapping at a Private House Party, 50 Cent Clowns His Hustle [Video]

Ja Rule is making ends meet these days by offering his rap services up to those in need of entertainment — even if it’s a private house party.

via TMZ:

The rapper made an appearance this weekend at a private house party in New Jersey, where it looks like he was hired by a bunch of hotties to perform a few hit songs and hang out for a bit. One classic jam of his that he got around to playing … “I’m Real,” featuring J Lo.

Everyone was having a good ol’ time, and Ja certainly had no shame in announcing that, yes, people CAN book him for gigs like this now. He’s partnered up with ICONN, and there’s an official way you can go about getting Ja to come to your shindig … for a pretty penny.

Sounds neat, but of course … there’s always haters lurking in the back ready to pounce. In this case, Ja’s nemesis, Fitty, came with a bag of jokes ready to fly at JR’s expense.

He took to IG and wrote, “if you don’t want to end up doing private birthday parties for 15 people. ?????stay out of my way, OK.” Some folks credit 50 with stunting Ja’s career — at least that’s how 50 sees it — and he rides that narrative to no end … constantly clowning the guy.

Well, at least it’s not another Fyre Fest fiasco. Check out the clip below.

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