Remember Him? Rapper Cassidy Arrested for Marijuana, Outstanding Warrants

Rapper Cassidy was arrested after police found him lounging in parked van outside his house.

Cops say they were alerted by a strong marijuana odor and found a bag full of it in the van — and a joint.

via TMZ:

The Philly MC was busted Sunday afternoon in Jersey City when police say they spotted him in the vehicle, and noticed a strong marijuana odor. Officers say there was a joint sitting in clear view on the dashboard. They also found a baggie of weed and a grinder, typically used to crush weed … according to the police report.

Cassidy was booked for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Law enforcement tells us they discovered Cassidy has an outstanding warrant in another county — for the exact same offenses. So, now he has 2 court dates … for the old and new charges. 

Maybe next time he should stick to his drink (and his 2-step) and leave the marijuana at home — or somewhere it’s legalized.

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