Reggie Bush Says He and Wife Lilit Are 'Happily Married' Despite the Fact He May Have Fathered a Baby With a Miami Waitress


Reggie Bush might be a father again.

According to recent reports, Reggie impregnated Monique Exposito, a nightclub waitress in Miami, outside of his marriage.

“It is well known in Miami circles that Reggie has been hooking up with Monique for the last 2 years,” a trusted source told BOSSIP, adding that he’s also been paying for her living expenses. “When Monique told him that she was pregnant, Reggie offered her $1 million to have an abortion, but she declined.”

Our source tells us that within weeks of making his initial offer, Reggie was told that Monique had struck a deal with a gossip site to sell her story and would be making her pregnancy public.

“She lawyered up,” the source tells BOSSIP, revealing how Monique shared photos on Instagram while taking meetings with her attorney in LA. “She definitely was trying to send him a very strong message that she was not playing around.”

Our source tells us it didn’t take long before Lilit found out and threatened Bush with divorce if he did not take care of the situation with Monique. In a desperate bid to make everything go away, Reggie allegedly offered Monique $2 million for her silence and to have the abortion.

“My understanding is a settlement was eventually made and Monique pulled out of her deal to tell her story,” the source told BOSSIP exclusively. “She even deleted all posts on her Instagram page where she’d mentioned her lawyer.”

Now, supposedly Reggie and Lilit payed Monique millions to have an abortion and keep things quiet. Either she took the money and changed her mind, or ultimately the settlement negotiations fell through.

Monique is said to be six-months along in her pregnancy and is pushing for a DNA test. A rep for Reggie tells TMZ, “He’s aware of the rumors and remains happily married.”

…but for how long?

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