Real World: Miami Star Flora Resurfaces on 'Botched' to Fix 'Uniboob' [Video]

It’s been 24 years since her season of the MTV reality show aired in 1994.

Flora Alekseyeun is opening up about her breast implant issues.

The former “Real World: Miami” star, who appeared on the fifth season of the show way back in 1994, reappears on reality TV next month — when she heads to “Botched.”

Alekseyeun, now 48, will make her debut in the season premiere, where she meets with Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif about “a very complicated breast problem” called Symmastia. The disorder is also referred to as having a “uniboob” and occurs after getting implants.

“Right now, I’m to the 10th power of anxiety,” says Floria in a confessional. “I’m terrified that Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif can’t help me. I just want to take a big poop.”

Speaking with the doctors, Flora blamed “stupidity” to her decision to go under the knife. After she give birth, she says her “breasts looked like they could feed the world and then some,” so she got them tightened and that’s when “they started squaring off.”

She then began doctor shopping and found one who tried to fix the problem, but that didn’t work. As she described it, her “boobs were getting closer.”

Hearing about her case, the doctors were both shocked to hear she had been put under “twilight anesthesia” for her last procedure, a type of anesthesia where patients don’t completely lose consciousness.

According to Dr. Dubrow, fixing Symmastia should never be done under twilight anesthesia, because, “Number one its incredibly painful and, number two is really hard to do when the patient is awake.”

See if they’re able to help Flora when “Botched” returns April 13 on E!

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