Real Housewives Of Atlanta Star Drew Sidora's Shock Split From Husband Ralph Pittman is Being Filmed for Upcoming Season |

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Star Drew Sidora’s Shock Split From Husband Ralph Pittman is Being Filmed for Upcoming Season

Drew Sidora will be serving hot tea on her divorce for the upcoming season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

via: Daily Mail

It was reported by TMZ that camera crews have headed to Atlanta to document the dissolution, even though filming on the 15th season wrapped in January.

The 37-year-old television personality has already recorded an interview confessional detailing what led to her split.

The outlet noted that the other castmates — including Kenya Moore, Kandi Burruss and Sheree Whitfield — are being interviewed as well.

It comes just days after Sidora filed for divorce from her spouse of eight years, alleging abuse and infidelity.

Ralph’s perspective on the fallout is not being filmed for the upcoming season and it was reported that the father-of-two, 40, is still living with Drew at the moment.

Hours after news broke that Sidora had filed for divorce, it was revealed that she claimed in documents that Pittman was a ‘serial cheater’ in the marriage.

She added in the amended divorce complaint that she cannot tolerate ‘continued blatant disrespect and mental abuse any longer’ from Pittman.

The documents also allege that some of the women Pittman cheated on Sidora with even sent her screenshots of ‘sexts’ between them and her now-ex.

Sidora also claims Pittman has been physical with her, stating last month he grabbed the phone out of her hand, causing it to fall and break, with Pittman allegedly telling her he pays for the phone so it belongs to him.

The new documents also claim that after Pittman started becoming physically aggressive she considered taking their young children — Machai, seven, Aniya, fiveand her 11-year-old son Josiah from a previous relationship — out of Atlanta to her hometown of Chicago.

She also claims he has been meddling with her money, stating he withdrew, ‘a large sum of money’ from her account.

Sidora also revealed that they did try couples counseling, though it didn’t work, and Pittman even asked her to give him a ‘heads up’ if she was going to file for divorce, insisting he’d even let her file first.

Both Sidora and Pittman ultimately filed for divorce on the same day, February 27, but, Sidora filed an hour before Pittman did.

Sidora is seeking primary physical and joint legal custody of their two children, and while they both filed at roughly the same time, they both list different dates of separation.

Sidora claims February 23 was the date of separation, while Pittman says it was February 19, just days after Sidora threw Pittman a lavish 40th birthday party on February 13.

Sidora’s spokesman told ‘For three years, the Pittmans’ welcomed millions of viewers into their home as they struggled to repair their marriage.

‘Despite undeniable differences, they agree that their marriage is irretrievably broken and are going their separate ways,’ the statement concluded.

Pittman said in his divorce filing that he is declining to pay spousal support, since she makes enough money from her reality show.

He also claimed she has failed to contribute financially to the household for the majority of their relationship.

Pittman is seeking his Porsche Taycan and 2018 Cadillac, allowing Sidora her 2021 Cadillac.

The relationship troubles were laid out for viewers of RHOA starting in December 2020, when they agreed to go to couples counselling during an episode of the Bravo reality series.

‘You know, we didn’t really resolve things. We decided just to table it,’ Drew admitted during a confession in the episode.

‘Which is something that at this point drives me crazy. We don’t really talk about it, nor do we have the tools to really resolve it. So we just kind of go along and get along until the next crazy argument,’ she added.

‘Ralph and I are in the process of purchasing a new home, my first home I’ve ever purchased, so I’m super excited. It is literally around the corner from where we live now and it’s over 9,000 square feet, so we can definitely stay in our corners when need be,’ she explained.

While driving to their new place, Ralph admitted that he ‘can get things wrongs’ while Drew said she had contacted a marriage counselor.

‘I called a counselor that works with couples. Honestly, when we move in this house, I don’t want to bring our past into this home,’ she said. ‘I want this to be a home that we can like, see our kids grow in, you know?’

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