Ray J Hospitalized with Pneumonia

Ray J is reportedly sick and has been in the hospital for more than a week battling pneumonia.

via: Revolt

The “One Wish” singer told the outlet that he has been hospitalized for a week and no one from his family has come to visit him. “I been in here all by myself for a week,” he told the outlet, adding that “no family members came to see me, not even my wife.”

Ray J later clarified that his family is not allowed to be in the room with him due to COVID-19 protocols. “God is good,” he wrote. “Family with me — just can’t be n here too much sickness.”

“I can’t have visitors because they isolated they room — been on my with my family everyday all day,” the “Wait A Minute” singer added.

Not much more is known about Ray J’s condition. A few days ago, he wiped his Instagram account clean after declaring that he was “separated and single” in his Instagram bio. Many fans wondered if he and his wife Princess Love were calling it quits once again.

Last week, Brandy took to social media to show off the massive tattoo that her little brother got of her name on his arm. “This is real love,” the “I Wanna Be Down” singer captioned a screenshot of the two on Facetime. “I couldn’t have asked for a better brother. I love you @rayj #bestfriends #rayjXbrandy #rayjsis #rayjsister.”

Brandy’s post caused a commotion on social media as many people did not know that the two were siblings, prompting Ray J’s name to be trending on social media all day. “You know you young as hell when you just realizing Ray J and Brandy are siblings,” wrote one Twitter user. “This is why 35+ are still on this app.. to bring awareness to all you baby fetuses.”

Wishing Ray J a Speedy recovery.

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