Rapper Twista Arrested for Marijuana Possession in Indiana


Rapper Twista was arrested for the possession of marijuana on Thursday night before his show in Indiana.

via TMZ:

Twista was scheduled to perform at Big Shots in Valparaiso. We’re told the Rolls Royce Phantom in which he was riding was pulled over at 10:15 PM, before the concert. Twista, 2 other passengers and the driver waited outside the car as police searched the vehicle and found the weed.

Cops say they stopped the Rolls because it was following too close to a truck. Police approached the vehicle and smelled weed.  

All 4 men were arrested.

Twista was on his way to the concert when he was busted. The show, obviously, did not go on.

The rapper was held until 4 AM Friday morning and released after he posted $500 bail.

We forgot all about Twista…

We also forgot marijuana possession was a punishable offense in other parts of the country… #CaliforniaLiving

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