Racist Woman Reacts to George Floyd Hologram Memorial: 'Look at That N*gger Sh*t!' [Video]

A racist woman couldn’t help but lose her sh*t at the sight of a George Floyd hologram memorial.

via TMZ:

The disturbing altercation went down in Richmond, Virginia where the Floyd hologram was projected above the site where a Robert E. Lee statue had stood a month ago. As a crowd gathered for the event, a white woman started yelling, “This is my city” … prompting some people to push her away.

The video, shot Tuesday night, really amps up, though, when she screams … “Look at that n****r s**t!”

A nearby man immediately told her to get lost (that’s the clean version) — at which point several people shoved her away from the event … narrowly avoiding more violence.

The event was dubbed “A Monumental Change: The George Floyd Hologram Memorial Project.” As we reported … the hologram first appeared in Richmond and it’ll make stops at 5 other sites including some in North Carolina and Georgia.

The tour will pretty much follow the same route as the 1961 Freedom Rides during the Civil Rights era — hopefully, with far fewer racists outbursts.

Watch the video below.

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