R. Kelly's Atlanta Homes Burglarized, Possessions Sold Off Room By Room [Video]

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R. Kelly’s Atlanta home and another residence he was renting in a nearby area were robbed  by a group of thieves posing as movers while the singer was away on tour.

The thieves didn’t find any girls, but they did make off with furniture, electronics, and basically everything else.

via TMZ:

Law enforcement sources tell us detectives happened to catch 3 men leaving one of the houses in a van, and brought them in for questioning. They told cops they’d been hired by one of Kelly’s associates, Alfonso Walker, to sell everything because Kelly was moving his entire operation to Chicago.  However, Kelly’s team told cops Walker was just a part-time employee. Sources tell us cops got a search warrant for Walker’s home, and found some of Kelly’s property there. We’re told he gave cops 3 different stories about how Kelly’s gear ended up in his house.

Authorities believe Alfonso sold off the objects in R. Kelly’s house room by room. They were able to connect with one man who paid nearly $6,000 for the musician’s goods.

Police have issued a warrant for Alfonso’s arrest on two counts of burglary, two counts of theft by taking and at least two counts of theft by deception.

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