R. Kelly Accuser Lisa Van Allen Says Joycelyn Savage's Stories Don't Add Up [Video]

One of R. Kelly’s other accusers, Lisa Van Allen, doesn’t believe that R. Kelly’s former-girlfriend-turned-victim suddenly had a change of heart and is spilling  it all.

via TMZ:

Lisa broke down the allegations from Joycelyn’s new Patreon account, and told us Monday on “TMZ Live” … “condoms” set off an alarm. Lisa, who was featured on “Surviving R. Kelly” said “Rob,” as she calls him, just doesn’t use them.

She added, Joycelyn referring to someone “letting her speak” is odd, because with Kelly locked up, who’d be pulling the strings financially? Watch the clip … there were even more clues.

Now, don’t get it twisted … Lisa says she still believes the singer’s done horrible things to multiple women — she just doesn’t buy Joycelyn’s actually speaking freely now.

Lisa’s also got beef with Lifetime when it comes to “Surviving R. Kelly: The Aftermath.” She laid out her reasons for rejecting the announced 4-hour-long follow-up series.

Watch the video below.

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