Questlove & NBC Sued by White Cameramen Alleging They Were Fired Over a Racist Text

Questlove allegedly demanded that NBC fire two white cameramen working on ‘The Tonight Show’ after he caught word of a racist text they received from a third party.

They’re now suing Questlove and NBC for being terminated.

via TMZ:

Camera operators Kurt Decker and Michael Cimino just filed suit against the TV network and the leader of The Roots after what they claim was misappropriated blame and racial retaliation from Questlove after each of them received a racist text he caught wind of.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, a stagehand sent Decker, Cimino and Roots member Mark Kelley — who’s black — a text during a taping of the ‘Tonight Show’ last year, which they say they never asked for or responded to. They say they tried explaining this to NBC execs in an attempt to distance themselves from the vile text, which they feared would be associated with them.

Questlove got wind of this and demanded that NBC fire the camera operators, which NBC did.

The Roots band member who also received the texts did not get punished.

Why did the stagehand feel so comfortable sending a racist text to the cameramen? That just doesn’t happen out of nowhere.

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