Quavo's Attorney Says He Did NOT Attack Eric the Jeweler -- And There's Video to Prove It

A few weeks ago, Quavo was accused by Eric the Jeweler of assaulting and robbing him over a $30,000 chain.

According to Quavo’s attorney, video proves the alleged physical fight never happened.

via TMZ:

Drew Findling tells TMZ … he’s seen surveillance video from inside 1 OAK on Grammy night, and it shows Quavo did NOT “come within 3 feet” of Eric the Jeweler. He says the video does show an altercation, but Quavo wasn’t involved.

TMZ broke the story … Eric says 2 men jumped him in the club, and possibly jacked his $30k chain. He claims Quavo was one of the attackers. Law enforcement sources told us NYPD was preparing to arrest the Migos rapper for the fight.

That’s news to Findling who says, based on the video, his client is in the clear.

One more thing … Findling says the video shows Eric walk in the club with his chain, AND walk out of the club with it still around his neck.

If this is true, it appears Quavo may have enough for a countersuit.

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