Quavo Bragged On Instagram That He Pays His Assistant $5,000 A Day [Photo]

So it turns out that Quavo’s assistant might be richer than most rappers.

via: Uproxx

In a recent post, Quavo shared a photo of himself checking his phone outside while said assistant, one Joshua Washington, held an umbrella over his head to shield the sun and pointed a portable fan his way. Quavo tagged his assistant in the pic, and let fans know, his actions don’t go unappreciated.

Captioning the pic: “5k a Day My Asst. A Millionaire!” Quavo set off a whole conversation among Migos fans about the seemingly exorbitant rate. Then again, given how many stories we’ve heard about extremely wealthy celebrities treating their employees very poorly, this overpayment is a welcome rebuttal. Doing some quick calculations here about Mr. Washington’s total take home pay… if he makes $5,000 a day that’s $35,000 a week and $120,000 a month.

$120,000 annually is considered to be a pretty hefty salary in America, so multiply that 12 for each month and his total annual pay is $1,440,000. In which case, Quavo’s post is right, his assistant is most certainly a millionaire as he makes over a million in a year. Then again, maybe the daily rate is a sporadic one, and he’s not really working 365 like that. Let it be known, I too am available for assistant work if anyone in Migos is in LA for a few days without help and needs a hand.

Clearly, going all in has led to big rewards for Quavo and the rest of his clique.

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