Prosecutors Offered Breonna Taylor's Ex-Boyfriend a Plea Deal If He Lied and Said She Was Dealing Drugs

Just when you thought the details surrounding Breonna Taylor’s unjust murder at the hands of police couldn’t get any worse.

According to an new report, prosecutors tried to smear her name by offering her ex-boyfriend a plea deal that could have turned a 10-year sentence into probation if he agreed to say Breonna was dealing drugs — and that’s a complete lie.

via TMZ:

Documents have surfaced showing that Jamarcus Glover, Breonna’s ex who is charged with drug trafficking and gun charges, was offered the deal if he’d say Taylor was part of an organized crime syndicate trafficking drugs into Louisville. There is absolutely no evidence to support this, but attorney Sam Aguiar, who reps Breonna’s family, says, “The fact that they would try to even represent that she was a co-defendant in a criminal case more than a month after she died is absolutely disgusting.”

Prosecutors for the Commonwealth said the offer was part of a “draft” during the negotiations … and it was squarely REJECTED by Glover. Cops got a search warrant for Breonna’s home as part of a wide investigation into Glover and another man. Police claimed Glover went to Breonna’s apartment in January, picked up a package and went to a “known drug house.”  Here’s the reality … NO drugs or money were found at Breonna’s home, and she was never implicated in Glover’s alleged drug dealing.

The short story … it seems the effort was to smear Breonna to take the heat off authorities. Remember, the cops who shot her 8 times lied and said she suffered no injuries when in fact she died from her injuries.

It’s shocking prosecutors used this tactic … but apparently they did.

No one has been charged in Breonna’s death, although the State AG is still investigating.

They say corruption starts at the top. Defunding the police is JUST the beginning.


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