Proctor & Gamble Stands By 'The Talk' Ad, Despite Racial Controversy [Video]

Proctor & Gamble is standing by a controversial ad “The Talk” that seems to have angered a few white people.

In the ad, Black mothers discuss racism with their children across different decades. As expected, the soap giant is being accused of fostering an anti-white climate.

The two-minute video was created for the company’s ‘My Black is Beautiful’ campaign. It depicts Black parents across the decades preparing their children for the inevitable racism they will face.

“It’s an ugly, nasty word, and you’re gonna hear it,” a 1950s-era mother tells her son, referring to a racial slur. “But you are not gonna let that word hurt you.”

Another scene shows a mom talking to a son who was left out of a baseball game.

In response to the backlash, the company stands firmly with its decision.

“People were like, ‘Thank you for speaking my truth,'” P&G spokesman Damon Jones told “But, it has been a past interesting couple of days where we’ve seen a few people position the ad quite differently and stoke some fires. Our goal and job is to reflect the variety of conversations that are happening,” he said. “The desire and hope is that people come forward and engage in constructive dialogue … and that means understand the point of view of the black women who are reflected in the advertising.”

Good for Proctor & Gamble! You can watch the ad in full below.

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