Princess Love Grills Ray J About 'Strippers and Prostitutes' In The Conversation Premiere

“I don’t respect you, I lost a lot of love for you and you’re not a protector,” she tells him.

In the first hour of “The Conversation,” Princess Love and Ray J didn’t really have much of one at all.

The couple’s new 4-part series on Zeus kicked off this week, showing the two sitting down and having their first real conversation since their blowout fight where she accused him of abandoning her in Las Vegas while he went off to a strip club back in November.

After an intro promising there would be no producers, no hosts and no therapists for the series, the show began with each of them with their own glam squads and friends before sitting down together. Princess Love made it sound like the series was her idea, as she said she wanted to get “real answers” from him on-camera. She also believed the only way to get through to him was to air their dirty laundry for the world to see and have “everybody tell him that he’s wrong” after.

After she said it’s been four months since the Vegas incident blew up on social media, he talked to his friends and said he believed she was in the wrong for “breaking up our privacy” by calling him out online.

Around 18 minutes into the first hour, they finally sat down across from each other — and it was contentious from the drop. They both immediately took issue with the other’s tone, before they finally dove in.

“You know why we’re here and it’s unfortunate the only way we can have this conversation is if we’re filming,” she told him. “I feel like this is the only way I can get real answers out of you.”

She then focused in on the Vegas incident, saying he only started responding to her after she blasted him on social media, accusing him of blocking her from his phone. He copped to it.

“I didn’t want to continue to argue in the paragraphs that we were going back with and forth with each other, saying all this way out stuff that I felt was damaging, tarnishing, disrespectful on both ends,” he told her. “It was becoming overwhelming of negativity.”

The way they explained it, the two were in Las Vegas for the Soul Train Awards in November. While there, he expressed interest in moving to Sin City and began looking for places they could live. She, however, became upset that he spent most of the trip gambling and not sleeping, and eventually told him he could live there and she’d just get her own place in Los Angeles.

“I was joking, I was being sarcastic,” she said of her L.A. comment.

Ray J didn’t just look at places to live, however. “You decided to put a deposit down without talking to your wife about it,” she said to him. He was speechless. She then criticized him for hitting up the strip club later that day.

“If we leave on bad terms today and I go to a male strip club and I decide to invite them home,” she began, before he cut her off. “I did not invite a stripper home with me,” he said. As he kept trying to explain himself, Princess kept asking the same question over and over again: “The strippers didn’t come back to the hotel with you, yes or no?”

He wouldn’t answer and instead accused her of “bullying” him and the conversation. “I was in a one bedroom MGM hotel, you were in a big ass loft with strippers and prostitutes,” she said.

The duo continued to go back and forth, as he wanted to backtrack and provide a little more context from the day, while she wanted to get right to the good stuff. “You don’t want to listen to what I want to say,” he told her. Her response: “Because you’re talking about stuff that doesn’t matter.”

“What I really want to say is you’re not listening to me,” he then said. “The strippers are days down the line in the story. Can’t get to the strippers right away.”

“We’re here because you were hanging out with strippers and prostitutes,” she hit back, stressing the importance of the subject. “We’re here, on my side, because you expose everything we’re going through to the press,” he said to her, saying he wants more privacy in their relationship.

“In order to get to the strippers, we have to get past you exposing everything we do,” he added, “You make me look bad, you make [their daughter] Melody look bad. You make her dad look bad.” In Princess’ mind, however, Ray J is the one making himself and their family look bad.

She went on to say nothing she said at the time was a lie, before criticizing Ray J for abandoning her in Vegas, where she feared she’d be a victim of human trafficking. “What kind of husband doesn’t protect his wife?” she asked, as he said she wasn’t in danger, “you was in a hotel.”

“You’re disrespectful, I don’t respect you, I lost a lot of love for you and you’re not a protector,” she shot back. “You’re not that. That’s important to me and you’re not that.”

The episode ended with Ray J saying they needed to “take a five.”

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