Prince Didn't Have a Will Because He Only Trusted 'Beautiful, 20-Something Women' Advisors


It’s hard for most people to believe that Prince didn’t have a will, but for those closest to him it make perfect sense.

According to many of the people who worked with him, Prince’s finances were always in shambles. In the 5 years leading up to his death, it was impossible to get him to sign ANY legal document — because he felt “screwed over” by deals he signed in his younger years.

via TMZ:

Prince was so distrusting … he jumped from lawyer to lawyer almost every year, and sometimes more often. One professional who worked with the singer tells us, Prince called him out of the blue one day and said he wanted to hire him. The professional asked Prince for his business files, and the answer was, “I don’t know, they’re out there somewhere.” The professional never got the files. 

We’re told although Prince hired and fired a slew of professionals, his most trusted advisers were “beautiful, 20-something women, all models with no experience in anything.” It caused chaos in his life … especially in the financial department.

Well, Prince DID have a thing for beautiful women. Yesterday, his sister filed paperwork to become executor of his estate.

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