Poppers, Marijuana, Crown Royal & Lube Found in Hotel Room Where Ex-NFL Lineman Bryan Robinson Died


Ex-NFL lineman Bryan Robinson was found dead in his hotel room on Saturday, but according to Milwaukee police, was no sign of trauma.

via TMZ:

According to an official report obtained by TMZ Sports, the 41-year-old checked in to the Midpoint Motel around 9AM on Saturday with another man –black male, thin build and dreadlocks.

Staffers say Robinson was a “regular” at the hotel and usually checked out at 6pm — and got concerned when he didn’t leave at his usual time. So they checked on the room and found Robinson lying face down on the bed.

Officials say there was no sign of trauma — but investigators did find marijuana, an empty bottle of Jungle Juice Plus poppers, Crown Royal and a bottle of lubrication. 

According to the police report, the other man left the motel between 4pm and 5pm. 

It looks like his little rendezvous may have gotten out-of-hand. RIP.

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