Popeyes Responds to Video of White Man Yelling Racial Slurs & Threatening Employee [Video]

Following the widely-circulated video showing  a white Popeyes customer yelling racial slurs at several employees and threatening to beat a woman, the company is speaking out.

via Complex:

The video shows a Florida man enter a Popeyes and demand a refund at the register, threatening to call the police and using the N-word against employees. The man claimed he was called a “cracker” before apparently threatening to beat and lynch a Black woman who worked at a Popeyes location in Okeechobee, FL. A police report was not filed over the incident and Okeechobee Police were not called, per TMZ. 

The man in the video is then told by an employee that he’s “entitled to his own freedom of speech,” before another rant he went on, when the woman recording told him to “suck a dick” and called him a “fat-ass cracker.” He then shuffled out of the restaurant. 

The video, shared by Tarik Nasheed on Twitter, has since been viewed over 3 million times. 

The Popeyes rep told the publication that it’s hoping to assist to make sure employees feel safe in the future, and that the company will try to find better ways to respond to such incidents. 

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